Pain Relief Specialist from Germany

Mohamad Adam uses combined therapeutic approaches of modern and traditional medicine systems to help his patients to regain their strength.




Year Experience

Invest in your health

Essential Treatment

One-time treatment to discover the benefits of the unique combined approach: In a medical massage, Mohamad Adam releases organ-skeletal connections.

One medical Massage Session

360° Health Package

For (chronical) physical and mental illnesses.
Indepth root cause analysis of the complaints and development and application of a unique, customized treatment plan.

One Initial analysis meeting
Six Follow-up meetings

Pain Relief Package

Combination of unique massage techniques from around the world (Osteopathy, chiropractic, acupressure, Ayurveda, etc.). In conjunction with nutritional advice, detox and a customized exercise plan.

One Initial analysis meeting
Six Follow-up meetings

Book Mohamad Adam as Speaker for your Event

Empower your community, organization or association with Mohamad Adam as a health speaker. He inspires his audiences with practical health advice and motivational strategies, encouraging people to lead healthier lives and increase their productivity. Whether at your workspace, community center or organization, he delivers captivating talks that inspire positive lifestyle change. 

About Mohamad Adam

Private Medical Doctor
Traditional Medicine Expert
Health Coach & Speaker

„I believe that understanding the universal causes that have been practiced around the world for thousands of years has significant benefits for health and well-being. Some diseases or health problems can be effectively treated by adjusting lifestyle or eliminating certain ways of thinking in medicine. My holistic approaches aim to help you develop a basic understanding of your body and also get rid of individual ailments.“

With his extensive experience in orthopaedics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, osteopathy and naturopathy, Mohamad Adam aims to identify the individual causes of illnesses. His private practice in Frankfurt integrates various medical systems for the benefit of the patient. Mohamad Adam has particular expertise in reviving ancient medical knowledge through study visits to India, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Indonesia. His work is based on the recognition that people are characterized by different typologies and he emphasizes the importance of a holistic and logically comprehensible perspective for individual health promotion.